Live/work space – 648 Ossington Ave

On the market for nearly 3 weeks now, this $1,888,000 live/work space in Palmerston-Little Italy offers income potential and a work space for those looking to keep their commute brief.

The main floor features space for the office and retail space and there is an additional 3 bedroom apartment on second and third floors.


The store front feature big picture windows for showing off the goods and letting the light stream in.


While we’re not big fans of the vines (and their ability to erode the integrity of brick over time), that should be an easy fix to remove them (assuming they haven’t done too much damage already).


It looks like the current “work” space is a contractor’s shop (or something along those lines). Though we imagine this could easily be reworked into another type of commercial/business set up.


Interestingly, the store front seems to be set up as an office – lots of options for how to use the space. We’re loving the front door, by the way.


As you know, we have a soft spot for red brick and even more so when its featured in interior spaces – bonus points!


The kitchen space feels bit tight and while we’d prefer a warm wood floor in this space (and perhaps a small island to increase the counter space), if you’re not big on cooking, this could work.


We’re loving all of the trees nearby, and the outdoor space (albeit a bit small) is a nice bonus.


The bathroom, while new and fresh looking, isn’t really our style. The beige colours feel a bit dated, and the shower leaves a bit to be desired.





We’re digging the industrial vibe up in this loft space and we love the light fixtures. It’s a bit hard to estimate the ceiling height up here, but hopefully there’s enough head room for comfortable walking and standing. It looks like it might be a bit tight for any tall folks, but we can’t quite tell from photos alone.



The basement features a renovated 1 bedroom apartment with separate entrances for some bonus income. The kitchen looks pretty compact though so any future tenant may need to consider additional storage via a portable island and/or some extra cabinets. Light may also be an issue if the window featured below is the only light source in this space.




Basement bedroom

Photo source

To help get a better sense of the space, these floor plans are helpful:


The second floor layout feels a bit weird to us with the kitchen and living spaces so disconnected. We’d prefer to use that big, light filled front space for a great master bedroom suite and keep the kitchen and living/dining spaces a bit closer together.

Also, we’re not too sure that the basement “bedroom” can technically be considered a bedroom given that its lacking both a window and a closet. We’re not sure why the renovators didn’t steal a bit more space from the living room to ensure the bedroom had a window, but perhaps that change could be made by a future buyer.

Despite the questionable basement bedroom, what do you think, is this live/work space worth the $1,888,000 price tag?

*TOHouseHunt makes no claims of ownership for photos and endeavors to link all applicable sources


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