The wonders of staging – 34 Shaftesbury Ave

While Summerhill is one of our favourite Toronto neighbourhoods, we’re not too sure about 34 Shaftesbury Avenue.

Granted, its proximity to the subway station is fantastic and the dual parking spaces are hard to come by in this ‘hood – there’s just something unappealing about the broken up layout of this place that even the powers of staging can’t fix.

Despite our hesitancy, we can’t deny the impact that staging had on this place in terms of increasing its appeal – check out the pre-staged photos vs the Realtor listing photos:


34 Shaftesbury Ave


Living room pre-staging


living room post-staging

A much calmer, more serene room. We love those back doors, by the way.


Living room pre-staging


Living room post-staging

Much easier on the eyes.


Kitchen pre-staging


Kitchen post-staging



Stairwell pre-staging


Stairwell post-staging



Bathroom pre-staging


Bathroom post-staging

The unstaged photo makes the interior window so obvious. Definitely not a design choice we would make, but the extra light is likely a bonus.


Bedroom pre-staging


Bedroom post-staging

We’re not fans of the blank, blue accent wall in this one – staging fail. Perhaps its the lighting??


Master bathroom pre-staging


Master bathroom post-staging

Well… At least there’s lots of natural light in the space!

It’s been on the market for 3 weeks now at $1,895,000, which seems fair given the neighbourhood and the fact that it’s about 2,700 square feet. It might just be the time of year, but we’re betting that there will be a price drop in the near future (despite the stager’s best efforts).



2 thoughts on “The wonders of staging – 34 Shaftesbury Ave

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